So I have a contact list, managed by Trillian. It has a few people on it. I note, when I glance at it, that over the course of the day, the number of people online grows and shrinks as the workday moves into full swing. I guess that means that people still dutifully shut off their Pee-Cees as they leave the office for the day. (As an aside, I wonder why that happens – it cant be to save the company electricity, because its the monitors that suck up the juice and they turn themselves off automatically. Is it an end-of-day ritual, maybe? A way to put a cap on the day? Whatever – tangent!)

Watching this fluctuation over the last few days has made me think about the people on my contact list and why I make an effort to remove people that I never talk to. I do the same thing on my cell phone – if I dont talk to the person, I remove them. No malice (at least most of the time), but if I dont see use for the number, I dont see use in scrolling by it all the time to call the people I actually care to call.

I think Im going to make an effort not to erase people, not to resist adding people (at least to my IM list at first – baby steps!), and see what happens. I can always do a massive spring cleaning in, you know, the spring, if this turns into the winter of my contact discontentent.

What do you do? Everyone right into the cell phone, never to be removed? 961 contacts on your trillian list? Are there advantages or disadvantages to having lots of contacts everywhere that I should consider?