Note: this car wash picture has nothing to do with anything. I apologize for wasting your bandwidth by including it.

Thanksgiving weekend was a good one. I saw a bunch of folks, family and friends alike, and burned a bunch of stuff in the bonfire. I started to realize before my ten-year High School reunion that I was pretty much stuffed non-stop from noon on Thursday all weekend. Never being hungry is not something Im used to – its kind of nice. Im still not hungry, although I will admit to being a mite peckish at the moment.

Thanksgiving was great – Nana & Papa, Aunt Kris and David as well as Shannon and Casey came up to the house and we ate until we almost exploded. Oddly enough, though, I went all of Thanksgiving weekend without getting any apple pie. It was all gone before I could get to it. I figure its not that much of a loss, though, since I wasnt going to get a whole pie anyway. Maybe Ill make myself a pie sometime soon. Then I can have the whole thing. Thanksgiving night all three Osgood sibs went out together in West Chester – I like it when we get out all together. At the end of the night, Moms car wouldnt start, so that was a pain in the ass, but Em could give us a ride, so it was fine in the end.

Friday, we got the car fixed (expensive, but important) and got a chainsaw, which led to some amazingly fun chainsawing of a tree that fell in the previous nights wind storm. I like chainsawing. That provided plenty of fuel for the bonfire that I was trying to throw later that night. The day flew by, and before I knew it, I was lighting the fire with Drew, Sarah (down from her familys place in NJ) and Julie (down from her apt. in Manhattan). Steve, Emily and a few of her friends joined later in the evening. We managed to spend the entire night out there, baking ourselves by the fire and having alternately inane and intense conversation. Good times.

The reunion on Saturday was a little like two-minute dating – you have the same truncated conversation with thirty people over the course of a couple hours looking for an interesting connection. I wont recount the connections that I made here – suffice it to say that there were few surprises over the course of the night. It was an enjoyable time, though, and ended over at Iron Hill before I bounced to try to get out to West Chester to meet up with Emily and friends before last call. I was successful, but only managed to drag Kauffman out to an old haunt where there were surprises, sort of. Of course, by four am, nothing is surprising enough to make me want to stay out, especially knowing that I was going to get up early on Sunday to spend time with my mom.

Mostly, I burned the candle at both ends all weekend long and still didnt get everything done that I wanted to accomplish. Its like I had a mental block on everything that I had to do, talk about, or finish. Shame. Im making a list for Christmas, though, and Im going to get through all of it. I swear. Honest.

Okay, this thing is getting out of control and has taken entirely too long to write. Ive got to get to my too-long list of personal crap to do today. Lunch break? Whats that?