Did you notice how I didnt talk about househunting in my last post even a little bit? I got carried away with the assholery of people and my own exhaustion and forgot to mention it at all. Duh. The point was that one bedroom places are too expensive and usually-soulless and two bedroom places are poorly-located and soulless, and three bedroom houses are too expensive and too small, even if they are a little interesting. Granted, I can add almost a hundred bucks to my rent if the apartment only has a parking spot, but I dont WANT to do that, because Im already spending a huge portion of my salary on rent and Id like to be able to spend more of it on my debt. Why do I have such stupid choices to make? Ah well.

Today was a good day – Farmers Market, then the hil in Griffith Park, then I went down to the beach and sat around, body surfed a little and hit the volleyball some. It was really a good way to spend a sunday. Then I came back up to Hollywood, had a ridiculously-early dinner and then tried and failed to see movies, because without planning ahead, I just walked all over the damn place. Im an idjit. At least no one can accuse me of being lazy today.

The upcoming week already annoys me because I have to work through Wednesday, and that makes me feel like Im choosing my job over my holiday with my family, and thats one way to make me resent that job real fast. Ive learned, though, and work takes a backseat to holiday when i finally have some money to buy my tickets home with. When will that be? I have no idea. I really should decide that soon. Maybe over Thanksgiving. Just maybe.

Thats all for now. I should go write somewhere.