You heard it here first! The east coast has to come to ME next year, because, YEESH, its expensive to fly back there all the time. Not that I dont love it, not that I dont love everyone there, but Ive got to believe that theres a happy meduim between spending no money to fly back east and spending $500+ per ticket a few times every fall. If it wasnt for JVS, Id be sitting in my apartment alone, let me tell you. Id love to ramp that up in the new year, but Im not at all sure I have time. Im just going to play it as it lies.

Thats all for now. I have to pack tonight. Can you think of any reason that I should bring more than one pair of pants? I cant. Maybe I should think of some. Im only there for like three days. Three and a half. Just enough time to miss another Eagles game.