First of all, Harry Potter was excellent. It didnt match the 3rd one on the strength of the character relationships, but for spectacle and story was probably the best of the four. Very, very fun movie. Effects were good, too. I couldnt help but think about the recast when Hermoine says at the very end something to the effect of “Things are never going to be the same after this, are they?” Nope. Pretty much not.

Shooting didnt happen today. I thought we might make something after all this time, but I was mistaken. Not even a phone call from my unreliable friends to tell me that they werent planning to come. Weak, but thats LA for you. its long been the thing I dislike the most about the film industry – youre stuck relying on other people.

The weekend has been low-key, as I needed it to be, although last night I ended up going out unexpectedly and tonight I ended up staying in, unexpectedly as well. Last night was just a quick stopover at the Dime after working on my collage and drinking beaujolais. Nothing interesting was going on and it was packed, so I didnt stay long, but, looking back on it, its a good thing that I went out, otherwise, this would have turned out to be an entirely antisocial weekend for me.

Tonight, I thought I was going to go along with someone elses plans, but that didnt happen. I couldnt have really been less welcome, it turned out. That was me misjudging the imaginary comraderie in LA again. One of these days Im going to learn, I think. Of course, when that happens, I will no doubt have completed my journey to the darkside and Ill be just like the people Ive just spent this post complaining about.

Tomorrow is the farmers market and the hill for the last Sunday in the forseeable future. Fuck watching the Eagles, too. I might just go to the beach or to sit in a dark bar to write, but Im not watching the Eagles. Let em lose without me. Another thing that would be great, but seems impossible here in LA would be to get outside to throw the football with some guys. Finding people that *do* anything other than go to bars and watch TV has turned out to be pretty much impossible for me, too.

Can you tell Im in a bad mood? Fuck it. Im going to bed.