Two things today:

First, the titular topic: Sinuses, ouch! My throat is dry and scratchy and i feel like Im operating a beat behind where I should be. I cant type and I spilled iced tea on myself while I sat chatting with Kieran at lunch. I dont usually do that. Im so rarely sick that im not really sure what to make of it.

Second, and vaguely-related, is the fact that I almost deleted everything I have on the Shock Jock project today because I decided that I hate it. Theres no conflict, its too trite, nothing interesting happens, and theres no reason to watch the story. So I closed it instead. This is one of those times that, were I a different type of storyteller, Id be fine, but for some reason, I have a lot of trouble getting past the “isnt this a good idea for a story” to “isnt this a good story?”

The third-and-bonus thing for this update is that this is my “chill” weekend for the near future and past. With Sarah here last weekend, Thanksgiving next, then NYC right after that, i guess Ill be doing the only cleaning/organizing that my home life is going to see in a month sometime in the upcoming two-days-without-work-or-travel period. Thats really something, isnt it? This blog needs more pictures. Maybe if I was home more to do interesting things with pictures, it would have them.