As you may have noticed, the logo has been achangin over here. Its probably going to change again. Being generally bad at design is not ameliorated by scraping it together between phone calls at work, this much I can tell you. You probably dont need to be told, though, because the proof is in the leaves. Frickin leaves. I think Ill be getting rid of them.

Additionally, theres the issue that Im totally incapable of writing after work. Maybe the solution is to get up yet earlier and write for an hour before I work for an hour before I come to work. I mean, Ive finished with the 5:30 madness and have come into the land of the sane with a 6:30 start time (which is like a 6:15 wake-up time), so it might work. I actually think part of the problem is that I dont know WHAT to write, not that I cant write it.

I have to buy a flight home for Christmas. Were working through the 23rd, which is absurd, but there you go. A job seeped in more sanity would really befit me, I think. Anyone hiring? On that note, though, working with Dani worked out well – her design was warmly received, and I implemented it pretty much straight the way it was designed. I would very much like to continue to use the services of contractors for work like this, especially as I implement JVS2.0 in January. Finding a way to keep financially-solvent seems like it might always be a trick for me.

This week has been chill after the craziness (but fun) of the weekend, and its just about what I needed. Not only am I saving money, Im also catching up on sleep and even on a little organization, although I am about three months behind on filing/organizing my bank shit. Maybe tonight while I eat pasta. Id much rather surf for porn, but thats not exactly efficient, now, is it? More fun, though. Maybe I should start making porn – that could be fun AND alleviate my financial woes. Except I hear that its actually NOT that fun to work on porn. But i guess it cant be all bad because I also hear that guys dont get paid much to be in it. Hmm… the things I think about. Sorry.

Last thing. I just confirmed with Shannon Gallagher (the one thats not me in that pic) that I was going to the reunion. Seems like she and a friend picked up the pieces and sent some stuff out. No definite on the “where” yet, but thats okay, at least they know Im going. Should be fun. Ill get to see Becca and Steve in the same room for the first time in maybe five years – thatll be worth a picture or two. Anyway, Im going. Im not psyched, exactly, but at least Im going. If they manage to pull it off despite the disorganization, itll be great fun.

More later.