I ate Cheerios today! This is the new trend in my life that Im trying to (re)create, up early enough to get some work done, and some breakfast eaten. I managed it today, as well as a little abridged hill climb (which Drew says is awesome in Google Earth, which I have yet to download…). Good stuff. Now all I have to do is go to sleep early tonight and I wont be exhausted for the rest of the week.

Im also planning some minor changes for the site in the near future (as soon as I can take some time). Those include setting up a real photo album for pictures that I take and that dont have a spot on the site really, yet, as well as minor changes to the user page templates (pending my stupid programming abilities and all yalls input, cause I want photos on there so everyone can know who everyone else is) and the re-addition of the journal system so I can post my nearly-weekly infusion of story somewhere OTHER than the main page. I have some other stuff on the burner, but dont have anything concrete enough to leak yet. If you have comments on whats coming or what youd like to see.