Okay, with very little ado, I have managed to put up a picture of me on my “User Info” page. Right now, theres no user-accessible image editing function, unfortunately (my mad “copy-and-paste” php skillz have their limits, it would seem), but by editing the database by hand, Ive managed to hack in a new version of the page that allows for a picture. I know the polling isnt complete (many of you are probably seeing this at the same time as the new poll, in fact), but Im taking a chance that yall are going to dig the idea, and I really like it, too.

You have to be a registered user to see the User Info pages, so thatll keep the unwashed masses (or those too lazy to login/register) from looking at your smiling mugs, but Ill probably link to your userinfo page when I talk about you because thatll motivate me to keep things interesting, at least in terms of site development.

As always, but especially now, your comments are appreciated. Also, if you dont want me to use a picture I have (it wont be a BAD picture, except for Sharons pic, which shes already requested be as terrible as possible), but some people want to choose their own headshots. Primadonnas. Yeesh.