Ive put together a projects binder with the things I feel are in most active development, and am currently working on them. I dont know how its all going to pan out, given the fact that I am still holding onto my “no scripts in 2005” New Years resolution. Maybe Ill break it once, but well see. Anyway, on to some projects that are in the binder.

  • the Branson/Mars project

    Started over the Christmas holiday by my illustrious brother and myself, this thing sprang to life very quickly and is now sort of on hold over the fact that I wont write a screenplay for it, as its clearly above my writing level. Im going to see what interest I can get based on the treatment and outline, and if I can get some solid attachment leads, maybe Ill push to see a script written.

  • the Brooklyn Project

    This thing is years old, and started as a serial story here on Clapboard. When I realized that i had grander-than-random plans for the little thing, I pulled the plug (besides, the Journal is only interesting if other people are posting to it) and let it fester. Now, for some reason, its popping back up, and I worked out a little bit of important structure the other night at a coffee shop. That was cool.

  • the Superhero project

    Why dont any of these things have titles?
    Whatever. This one has a completed screenplay (in draft one mode, anyway) and that is in need of a rewrite. I think the script is pretty solid, but I want to work out the character I wrote for Kathryn Hahn (the first time I wrote a character for someone I wasnt friends with) more, and sort of flesh out the theory, which is why I wrote the thing to begin with.


    the other real sci-fi in the group, the DSF-CCP is the prequel to the big story that I may get to tell if Im lucky sometime way in the future. This one is a love story, Titanic in space, only with fewer icebergs and more spacesuits. Could set the tone for the future, though.

There are other things that should be in there, too, and may eventually get there. I should have a section for completed screenplays, where the logline and treatments can sit, just for reference. Lake City should be in there, just as inspiration, because Russ is a great writer. The project has gone in a direction that I dont understand, though, so im wary of all of it. Theres also some work Id like to do on a series of shorts Id like to shoot, but they have barely been conceived yet. Id guess that these are a little like the rooftop project of so long ago. Dunno.

But now Ive written about writing. How terribly self aware. Maybe itll help me write more, actually.