so yesterday, Im all at the beach and trying to be good, putting on the suntan lotion, right? Face, ears, neck, shoulders, you know. I get home at the end of the day to see that Ive developed a tint of red in an uneven pattern BELOW where I stopped with the suntan lotion on my back. Stupid! Itll probably go away, but Im still sad. What a dope.

That said, volleyball was awesome, even though we got crushed in our first game 15-4. Casey and I went on to win our next three games (albeit not against the initial opponents), largely because we got out heads in the game and Casey got like 900 serves in. 900 is a lot of serves.

I worked quite a bit on my collage this past weekend as well, and it was cool, cause Ive done so very little thats visual in a long time. Barring the building, nothing since I got to LA. I dont do much visual anyway, but at least I sometimes take pictures. Its been years.

Russ is coming this weekend, which is very exciting. I have been writing this nonsense all day. Maybe I can put up better later.