In the Osgood family, sibling rivalry takes on a whole new meaning.

If this isn’t the coolest picture of Emily kicking my ass you’ve ever seen, you’ve seen way more pictures than I have. Granted, you have to appreciate that my baby sister rarely gets an opportunity to get a shot in, so there may be but two pictures worldwide similar to this. Spoti shot it, the artsy little thing, and immediately after this shot was taken, I went flying off the beam and landed on my head in the sand. The only reason that I’m still alive even is that the sand protected my neck from snapping.

Below, you’ll find selected pictures of Emily, Spoti, Jodi and myself, chosen from the full set that Spoti posted on one of those picture sites.

Sadly, not anymore.
The whole Spring05 folder has been emptied….MO 2016_1115