First of all, if you’re reading this, I probably owe you a “thank you.” I was thinking about that on Sunday morning when I woke up early from an excellent couple of days, thinking that being around the people that I love makes me better. I don’t necessarily mean health-wise (since I’m always sick in the head), but in some amorphous way that’s hard to pin down to a single definition. I like being around people that like being around me. How’s that for an extremely obvious thing to say? Finding new people that like to be around me is a task that takes time and effort and, at least in my case, quite a bit of failure. I don’t like to do it as much as I like to spend time around people that already like me.

So Drew is home in Houston. Emily is back in Syracuse. my apartment is entirely without visitors for the first time since the 11th. I have a whole slew of things to catch up on (home networking, MWS, Treatments, movies, toiletries and more…) and I’m trying to get a good list of all that stuff together today. If I have a list, its easy to reference the stuff that I’m ignoring.

The internet is finally at my house! I can go home and install the internet, but first I get to get some tasty pies with Jen & Jen. I hope I get some tasty pies, anyway. But having the internet at my house is very exciting, because even though Ive been successfully stealing internet for months on end (with a few notable outages), I think its time to have actual internet that I pay for and can count on. So yay for the internet being at my house. Soon, I’ll have the internet on all of my computers, even. The internet.

Thanks for reading! You guys make it much more fun.