Drew has been here and weve been keeping incredibly busy. Work has been more hectic than ever, and shows no signs of slowing back down, which is good, because the time speeds by better (except when Im tired, as I have been the last 2 weeks) when its busy. I dont get anything done, but still.

Went to Geisha House last night, and it does live up to its name as a hot spot in LA. There were a few recognizable faces there, as well as plenty of hot servers and patrons. We spent a fortune, of course, which I can not afford, but it was fun, so it was worth it.

My internet is supposedly installed at home now, although I cant even imagine having time to deal with it until at least next week. Itll be nice to have internet, but its going to be a bitch to have another bill to pay. Gotta get rid of the TV. Gotta figure out the bills that I can I really have to get a handle on my life – its spiraling out of control.

It is nice, however, to be seeing my siblings, even if it does tire me out.