I think I would have fared well in ye old Oscar pool, had I chosen to enter one. I am a little floored that Scorcese was passed over again, but what do I know, anyway? I never thought, however, that Id watch the Oscars by myself – that was weird. No one was around to comment on how weird some of the speeches were, the ubiquity of Beyonce or the extreme hotness of Halle. Ive never watched the Oscars by myself before. They did look damn good on my TV, too.

I spent a lot of time this weekend building my network, too, in preparation for the pending DSL installation. Soon, Ill have more IP addresses than I know what to do with. Any suggestions will be considered and appreciated, since I can only really think of two uses for IP addresses, one being for the network and one being for the fileserver. That said, the fileserver has been giving me no end of trouble. I have a corrupt 3GB drive that I was all hot to use, and I cant fit the installation onto the 1GB drive that ran the old firewall at MWS. Im going to have to get the six out of the current firewall box and swap it out for the 1GB thats waiting in the wings, despite the fact that its in an already-set-and-working box.

Yay for building and tearing apart computers.

I also cut the shit out of my fingers this weekend, trying to get the second video card to work in my new computer. four of my ten fingertips have steel-induced “paper”-cuts on them. I have a stigmata (stigmatum?) on my right hand from dropping my Leatherman, open, from the desk point-first into my palm, and two extraneoud cuts on the backs of my fingers from whatever else i did to injure myself. My dad did it with cars, I do it with computers. Go figure. Why does my skill and hobby have to be so much more useless and less cool? Were the first generation that believes that we wont be better off than our parents are, you know. Its probably because our hobbies are way less cool.

Anyway, thanks for reading my random blather, and I look forward to having something less-useless and naval-gazing to say next time. Well see.