This is a travel story about other people’s travel. Over the last couple of weeks, everyone has been contracting to come out to LA and visit, and I’m excited to say that my whole immediate family will have been here by March 20th (although Drew just arrives then). The official visitation schedule is as follows:

  • Mom – just here over the weekend. had bad weather, but a good time
  • Jodi – coming at the start of her spring break. I can laugh because she’s back to spring breaks.
  • Emily (& Spoti) – That’s my sister and her friend, coming on their spring breaks. They overlap a weekend with Jodi.
  • Drew – Coming the day after Emily leaves, and if I’m not dead from the 21-year-old parties, he promises to kill me
  • Megs – giving me most of 2 months off (visiting mid-May) might be generous of her, but I’m psyched she’s coming. Its already on the calendar.
  • Mike & Heather – ??? could it be? The most die-hard of east-coasters, out here for a visit? Unconfirmed.

That’s a pretty righteous list if I do say so myself. If you find yourself NOT on that list, you’d better be looking to make your way ONTO it, and how. Toute-suite, mon ami. Right quick and in a hurry. I have couches now, you know.

In news, I’m moving talk to this site, because there was a lot of hassle with the old site and it turned out that it ended up running the same software on the same server. No point, really, when traffic was so low. If you want to talk about movies, the Producers Cafe is the place to go.

That’s all for now. Happy weekend. I’m off to finish work (this update took me hours to complete) and then go to the Dime to work more.