Just the other day I was talking about all of my New Years resolutions, all the stuff I wanted to do this year, etc., and look at me – still in the same spot I was 2 months ago. The last 2 months have seen no end to rain, network building, the arrival of couches in my living room, and my Mom visiting – pretty good for two months. This month is all about the visitors, at least thats what the calendar says. I also intend to get my DSL up and running, my car registered in California, and maybe even my CA drivers license. I dont want to go too far overboard, you know.

Otherwise, things are going about as expected. I have no money (I have to write two rent checks this month because neither account has enough to cover rent), no life, and Im not getting NEARLY as much done as Id like to. Frustrating, but sort of the way of things. Im sort of looking forward to having visitors as my pick-me-up this month, then, with 25% of the year behind me, I can start trying to shape things the way I want them. Procrastination – always a good plan.