grapeLast night, I went to see Sideways before ending my day the same way I started it (by helping Klee lug stuff in the rain). I came away from the film more certain that Ill never have the discerning palate of a wine critic and less certain why everyone loved the movie so much. I mean, it was good, but was it THAT good? Dunno.

But on to the topic at hand – namely, why does Miles Raymond (Paul Giamattis character in Sideways) hate Merlot so much? Merlot isn’t a mixed-grape wine, the fruit is supposed to be pretty good (although I can’t claim to have had any myself), and I am under the impression that its relatively well-thought of, at least in New World circles. Come to think of it, I cant think of any Merlot-based wines from Italy or France (but with French wines, how does one keep track of what grapes are in what bottles anyway?), so maybe there’s some old-school snobbery surrounding the Merlot grape? I’m just interested. If I find anything cool, I’ll post it below. Mostly, I wanted to push that weird picture of me further down the page.

Turns out it was all a joke. I didn’t get
it at the time, but now I do. Bordeaux
wines often have a high percentage of
Merlot, and the one he rhapsodizes
about throughout is probably nearly
100% Merlot. So… joke’s on the wine snob.
…MO 2016_1115