So here I am with short hair. Brad cut it for me last Sunday. This pic was taken on Tuesday, and since then, Ive been entirely too lazy, distracted or sleepy to update the site. I apologize for that.

But forget apologies – I have no hair!

Ive been thinking/talking about cutting it off forever (which is some kind of trend for me – it seems like I decide that I need to cut my hair then do nothing but talk about it for months, a trend that’s probably going to become the subject of another navel-gazing update sometime in the near future, but whatever), and finally, I just did it. Really, I don’t care one way or the other about my hair, and this will save me a fortune on shampoo. Conservation – that’s the order of the day here! Brad and Ryan (my boss) both commented that it makes me look younger, and Klee pointed out that it makes my ears look bigger. Tell me what YOU think by looking at the larger picture and commenting below.

Briefly, I’ve been writing a lot on my Superhero story today, and its Andrew’s fault that I haven’t updated, as every spare moment of my time from Wednesday through Friday was spent thinking about and writing stuff for the Branson project. You’ll get nothing more out of me on that until we settle on an outline/treatment, and at this rate (the first act has been through three major re-writes already), it’ll never get finished. I’m going back to page 76 of my screenplay now, trying to finish up the act in the next day or so. I think i have 20 pages or so left in the 2nd, and maybe 30 of the 3rd. I think its pushing it some, length-wise, but well see what happens.

If I look at this picture for more than a few seconds, I get overwhelmed with what a weird-looking guy I am. Dunno why.