Is anyone else as unprepared for the holidays as I am? I sort of doubt it. Im coming off years of unemployment at Christmas time, coupling that with the inability to believe that its the holiday season at all because its so warm all the time (wheres the snow?), and it leaves me grossly mentally unprepared for the events of the next week. Having to fly doesnt make it better, because Im forced to ship things that will almost definitely be late, because I prepared so badly.

From now on, Im buying Christmas presents starting in January.

That said, I had a tough weekend of trying to figure out finances. Its looking like Im living way beyond my means, and the only ways I can think to combat that are pretty extreme. Unfortunately, the situation looks pretty extreme, too, so Im just going to have to figure something out.

Anyway, everyone is getting ready for Christmas but me. Thats not okay. I havent even thought about how Im going to pack yet. I only have ~28 more hours at home during which I can plan, clean, pack, etc, and during those hours I have to work, as a part of my extreme solution to being destitute. Geh.