I want a deal to produce a feature-length film. Failing that, a couch/loveseat/chair in buttery-soft deep-brown leather would be fantastic. Okay, maybe just peace on earth.

The pictures that I took at the Lake this weekend came out superfantastically – I cant wait to have the time to scan them and post some for your viewing pleasure. An opportunity to shoot like that comes too rarely. Im definitely going to go back – despite the three-hour drive, if only to use the fantastic scenery and great light. I wont bore you anymore until I post the photos.

Work is coming along swimmingly – Im arriving early and leaving late, learning a little bit each day about how the process works and whos doing what to make it happen. I wash coffee cups (Russ has this whole thing about titles of chapters for his autobiography… forget it, long story), but its okay, cause I also get paid. I did a little number crunching and I think that by the end of the month, Ill have enough money to pay rent and bills both for the month of January. Believe.

Last night I had to go over to and help out a guy I know with his laptop, and Monday night I worked till 8:30 then immediately went for a late dinner with Kelley. Tonight, Klee is doing a small show that shes asked me to tape for her reel, so thatll be cool. I get to shoot two performers in a week and even get to see Klee do comedy for the first time. Good stuff. Tomorrow night is the hoiliday party at Ryans house and Friday I think I have “go home and collapse” on my calendar. The weekend has to be a solid wall of writing and MWS work, because the holidays are coming and I have promises to keep, both to deliver writing and to deliver edited sites. Yeesh.