If you look up the definition of “asshole that got NOTHING done this weekend” in the dictionary, youll see a picture of me. Honestly.

This weekend was all about TRYING to get things done on Saturday and failing (did you know that you cant get a loan when youre behind on your payments to Credit Cards?), then driving to an awesome park in Central California to help shoot a music video with Marcos, a co-worker of mine. Sunday was a relatively-easy 14 hour shoot day, one that, although it started at five a.m., ended after dark again, denying me the pleasure of making the drive through the big, mountainous park in the light. Shame, cause I bet its beautiful. Ill just have to go back.

Anyway, Im going to try to do some catch up early this week (today hasnt been very good for that yet), and maybe even do some writing. I have groceries to buy (but only if I want to eat) and work to get accomplished (but only if I want to eat). I think my posts have gotten boring – repetitive things about how Im not getting anything done. Thats stupid. Sorry.