soon, Ill be winging my way to beautiful, sunny Houston to eat turkey and ride motorcycles.

Otherwise, Im trying to get my room in some kind of order so that when I come home from my trip and then home from work, I wont fall into the pattern of having a huge mess everywhere all the time. Its tough, because I pile up the things I dont know how to deal with yet, and these little piles accumulate all over my room. So, one by one, theyre getting dealt with.

Im going to lunch with Jim, a guy my mom knows who happens to be visiting this neck of the woods, then will try to do a little writing before I fail for the afternoon. If I werent going to leave town for a week, Id wash my car, but its a little pointless to wash the dust off a car thats just going to sit and get dusty again while Im not here, right? Ah, yes, I can rationalize any laziness. Nothing else interesting planned for the weekend – gotta save money during the last push before I get a paycheck. Too much to spend money on and not enough money to spend, thats the constant mantra.