Sadly, these images are gone, so I have NO IDEA what this was about
…MO 2016_1115
I mean, I love Google as much as the next geek, but THIS INJUSTICE CANNOT STAND! It Must Not Stand! Call the NAACP! Call Jesse Jackson! Call somebody, because the Winston-Salem Journals got some splainin’ to do! You know what else? They don’t mention where the search will target. Inquiring minds want to know… for their friends, of course.
some race-related typo?

You know, if I had anything resembling a life, this little gem would have passed right by. Instead, I get to have a hearty laugh before I go to bed, smelling the wood smoke that’s been omnipresent since the cool weather began. I don’t know who’s doing it, but I’m really happy about it cause I get some free nostalgia without even opening my photo albums.

Speaking of photo albums, get thee to the Forums and congratulate Scott and Sharon. Now. For the truly lazy among you (or the really clueless), Click Here! Thank you. Now I’m going to go to bed because the only thing worse than having no life is bemoaning having no life, and that, my friends, is not cool. And yes, at 28, I’m still concerned with whats cool. Shaddup.