I dont talk about politics very much – its mostly pointless to try to convince people that Im not a raving lunatic, but I thought this site is an interesting and sometimes poignant representation of how a lot of people feel right now. Id like to see a site dedicated to gloating people holding signs, too, just to see the differences in what gets said. Im thinking about pasting some of my favorite people below (or the hottest girls, like from the site that had the nudity for Kerry promotion going on before), but well see. I might be too lazy.

EDIT: Werenotsorry.com is the answer to my prayers. Its so great that it almost has to be a fake. The first five or six people are all holding guns, for christs sake! Brilliant.

Also, Sorry Everybody is still going strong – like 275 pages last time I checked. And not one guy holding a gun that Ive seen. Some military, no guns.