• Work has been extremely slow recently. Not enough there to pay the bills, much less the rent. I’m trying to talk less about money, but as I actually *do* so little, its tough. More writing, if you ask me.
  • Writing! I wrote more of my Superhero project yesterday. I also finished Draft 4 of the Patron Project finally. Good for me. Again, I wonder about the point of it unless I hike my skirt up and start submitting my stuff somewhere. But that’s such a dead-end street…. Whatever. More whining, right?
  • Holidays. I’ve got tickets (thanks to my mom) to and from Houston for Thanksgiving, and I’m looking forward to going. Even though I messed up my ticket purchase, I think its not going to matter that much. I’m going to be really busy with online work and not much else, it would appear, for the next couple of weeks, anyway. Christmas plans are just starting to form – I’m trying to figure out how to get Emily out here and whether we can visit Drew on the way back or if it’s all just impossible. Well just have to see.
  • Shooting. Taping readings with Brad last week was cool – made me itch to shoot stuff of my own again (the itch was fading), and again, I run into the old problem of “how the hell do I shoot a short when I cant be creative in less than 2 hours?” Not good. Maybe I have to be uncreative for a little while just to force my way through it.

I’ll let you know how it goes.I’m off to shower, then to the DVD place now, but there’s more coming, so don’t despair. The light has changed (“daylight savings time ending wreaks HAVOC on my body clock this year” -film at eleven), its been cool for weeks now, and i didn’t get a job because i was, get this – overqualified. I can feel the rant.