About the only thing of note (other than the fact that I had to replenish EVERY SINGLE toiletry that I use on a daily basis today, because, in an unprecedented event, everything is going to run out at effectively the same time this week) that happened today was that the Eagles played football like the Penncrest High School team this afternoon in Pittsburgh. They let a rookie quarterback play them into the ground, and didnt connect once on anything. Shameful.

That said, the rest of the weekend was fine. I didnt sleep particularly well on Friday night, and getting up early to watch the Eagles lose put the hurt on today because Saturday at the Dime turned into a late night. I only left the house to do errands, and mainly watched football and WATERWORLD the rest of the day. WATERWORLD is only moderately as bad as you remember, actually, but really isnt a very good film. Shame, because some of the photography was pretty neat. Now Im off to an early sleep because Im going to get right back into the hustle at 6am tomorrow.