When you open your personal folder in your filing cabinet and see only tax-related stuff, you know your life has something massively wrong with it. My passport is in there, too, but thats pretty much it. I guess I dont file much stuff thats actually personally-relevant, and this might warrant a renaming/creation of a folder or two.

So yeah, onwards. Yesterday, I went to an interview at 10am at a management/film finance company. No big deal, right? The interview went fine, only there was a chance that the girl Id be replacing was going to get a new job TODAY, so they asked if I could stay and train on the phones at least, just in case. So I worked for six hours yesterday. That was unexpected. Today, its back to the DVD place – gotta have some form of sanity, gotta start making a real paycheck again. My next check is only going to be a half-time check, too. Bad things – how do I plan to pay the rent? No idea, thanks for asking. Ill tell you what, though. Ill be reading/covering a script tonight for sure. Maybe two.

Im wondering… if you could put five things into a folder (an imaginary folder that can hold any size/shape things) to be representative of you, what would they be? I certainly wouldnt add my tax info or my S.S. card, but my passport might make the list.