When I put up the Clapboard Halloween logo (only for the default theme for now, guys – select coldsteel in your themes manager if you dont see it), the Holiday season officially starts. I know most people dont include Halloween, but I do, and that creates a Holiday Trilogy (and arent trilogies just ALL the rage these days?) that will break international box office records. And dont bring me any of that New Years crap, either – everyone knows THATS part of a whole different series–different producers, different creative teams, the whole nine. New Years is the big hit among the winter holidays (its ego never could handle being compared to Christmas or Thanksgiving anyway), Presidents Day, MLKs Birthday… you know.

Enough of all that now – time to be serious. I went paintballing all day on Saturday and thats just about all I did. Watched football all day on Sunday, ran errands, read scripts. Yesterday was dedicated to reading scripts and restarting MWS work that had been neglected for the better part of October thus far. Ive gotten the opportunity to read and cover some scripts for a management company here in town (where some friends work, natch), so I want to pump those out as best I can to make some extra money. Problem is, I can pump them out best when Im not going to work, but I have to go to work to make the money extra money and not the only money. That means a lot of weekend work, if you ask me. Its okay, though. I need the dough.

Thats all Ive got time for at the moment. I want to know what youre doing for halloween, so Im changing the poll to reflect that. Few people seem to care about the voting poll at the moment, so Ill change it out with something more interesting to me. Last bit of random information: someone downstairs or across the way just lit some incense and it smells awesome.