I forget how fast time goes when you’re working. This last week or so, that’s all I’ve been doing, coming home too late to buy cable clamps and getting precious little done on my bed. I did add some pictures to the thread in the Forum (heres a link to the thread), because I worked my tail off last night. This morning hasn’t been any different, really, since I was up at 9 (after only a few hours sleep again, damnit) and staining the railing and supports by 10.

I’m also going to the damn beach this weekend – maybe today, in fact – because its been forever since I’ve gone. I just haven’t had time, and that’s no good. I’m pasty white like its winter in Brooklyn. Uncool. I can’t go back to Philly looking like I never left – what would people say?

I’m looking forward to going to my visit with my family, too – its going to be a rare treat that we’re all in one place at one time. As I’ve already said, I’ll be in NYC for “one day only!” and down in PA the rest of the time. Cheap flights rule.

Okay, back to the grindstone. Gotta prep the bed (so cool!) for the first round of supports that are outside drying right now. I cant wait till its all done and I can start on my desk. Ugh.

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