1) The legs are on my bed.

2) Its upside-down in the middle of my room.

3) My friend Klee thinks that Im a nutcase for trying to finish this and build my desk, too, before I go get my crap from Moms house.

4) Brad is gone for the next few days, so after todays attempt at hanging the steel cable (where the hell is a real hardware store, anyone?), flipping the thing is going to be impossible.

5) The desk design is not yet even 50% complete.

6) Im working what amount to 11 hour days at work for the rest of the time before I fly, leaving the house at 7:30 and getting back here about 12 hours later.

7) The desk has gotta get finished so my stuff has a place to go when it gets here.

and, most importantly:

8) Beccas launch went off without a hitch!

Congratulations, Becca! I could wax verbose about you and your awesomeness for the next hour, only I have to shower or else everything I want to do will be destroyed by the fact that I have to stay later and later at work. Exciting stuff. Yup. More bed pics tonight.