Thats pretty much my weekend. Saturday was 11 hours on a commercial. Sunday was doing some errands, going to Home Depot, getting thwarted, going to get lunch, going back, getting $150 worth of wood, going home and getting things together.

The commercial was for some Latino-themed HMO or insurance product – not exciting except that I got to hear a lot of Spanish during the day. I think Ill be getting more calls for work from these guys, too, so thatll be good. I could use the cash. Who knows, maybe itll lead somewhere more permanent, too.

I built my bed frame last night, which is good, although its only the basic frame and nothing else. Its big, though, and sturdy as hell, even without the top on. Im going to take pictures today (assuming that I get out of work in time), so maybe I can upload them later and post an update. After pictures, today is about getting the top on the bed and sanding the living daylights out of the thing. Maybe the other way around, actually. hard to say. Sand, then stain, then putting the top on, then another light sanding, then coat #2 of stain, then bringing it gently upstairs for the final assembly – thats the order of business, I think.