While the rest of that VanDamme quote is radically inappropriate for the theme of the post, the idea of the first half is right on the money. Here it is Wednesday and I havent done anything more on my bed (no pictures yet, either), still dont know anything about my apartment, and havent finished my outline for my next flick. Its getting out of hand.

Speaking of out of hand, I got my first paycheck from the DVD thing, representing 9 days of work (out of 10 in a regular pay period), and its nowhere near being enough to pay my rent on. Two weeks of work, rents still not paid. sort of unbelievable. I have managed to cut costs a little, but I have to do a lot more before I can break even on this little dough in a month – I have to get rid of my car, my cell phone and my credit card debt, mainly. Pretty much everything but rent if I also want to eat in any given month. Stupid. I need to get another job, but when Im spending so little time here (I had to go fight with my ex-landlord tonight while presenting her with a perfectly acceptable candidate), I cant send out resumes with any regularity. Its fucking retarded. Whatever.

Anyway, I have to buy tickets for my planed trip to the east coast (where I will hopefully get my stuff sent out here), which is more money down the drain, and I have to figure out where my payment money is coming from for the rest of my crap. Its getting just plain out of hand here. Whatever, at least Im still swimming. Youre not really drowning if youre still able to kick, right? It doesnt matter how tired you are. Sure, youll swallow a little water now and again, but thats just something to motivate you to keep treading that water. Keep up the dog paddle, youll get back to the shallow end of the ocean eventually.