The best-laid plans of mice and men, they say, oft go astray. Or get otherwise fucked up. Example? Sure. Wasnt it supposed to be the start of my 4 10-hour workdays? Yeah, well, I worked seven today, too. No idea why.

Wasnt I supposed to build a bed this weekend? Yeah, well, I booked a PA gig through Rene (from IMAGINARY HEROES) for tomorrow instead. So now, I have hundreds of dollars wirth of tools but no lumber and less time.

Wasnt I supposed to play VBall at least once a week? Yeah, well, I had to get rid of my apartment, and that took two days out of the week that I could have used for games, and today I was just too lazy and I thought I might actually purchase some wood for the bed.

Speaking of that, wasnt I supposed to get rid of the apartment? Yeah, well, of the 35 phone calls I made, three people showed up. And there we are.

Bank and post office? Yeah, open tomorrow while Im at work. Next week, then? Same story. This is impossible, I tell you. Im-poss-i-ble. Then again, I have to make those contacts, have to burn that oil. I mean, tomorrows money is the only thing thatll put me up on my bills for July (some of which are already sorely overdue).

So there you have it. Ill be taking it easy tonight, with intentions of getting up nice and early tomorrow. Gah. Who needs it? I just want to build my bed.