…but only for a little while. Then, you either forget about the strike or end up with a very cool looking briuse on your body. I should definitely play up the sympathy factor later. Damn skippy.

Anyway, last night was a little disappointing, as it was the second weekend in a row that I didnt get in at Spider/Avalon, although it turned out for the best because Brad made a heads-up play at the Dime that sort of became my responsibility (it deserved to be mine, too, as much as anyone elses). So I dealt with that, was home at 2:45, up again at 5 to open the door, then up for good at 7:30 to go play paintball.

I wonder, if you know youre going to worry about something if you involve yourself, then choose not to involve yourself, is that somehow morally bankrupt? Like, since Im not involved, I can not care, but in the back of my mind, I know that theres potential for trouble. Does just knowing that the potential is there make me somehow obliged to try to deflect some trouble, or is it only my responsibility if I take an active role? I sort of feel like I should just shut the door to that particular room and keep on moving. Like Bruce Campbell as Ash looking for the Cryptonomicon in ARMY OF DARKNESS, just say “whoa, wrong book” and move on to one that might be the right book.

Sorry for being so vague and strange – Im just in a weird mood right now and I dont know what Ill do to get back on track. Eating something cant hurt.