While last night (involving Kierans car getting towed and Russ bike breaking down) turned out not nearly as well as wed hoped, the weekend is indeed, for the first time in months and months (nine of them???), significant, in that Im going to work tomorrow. Go figure.

Brads friend Amber left this morning, but I was still asleep (anonymous hang-up phone calls at 7am tend to mess up your usually-useful body clock), so I didnt say goodbye, but shed already said that she had had a good time, and thats whats important, really. I spent the rest of today taking care of random administrivia, washing my car and doing laundry being tops on that particular list. I think im going to go over and get some food in a little while at the Yucca Market, which is this tiny, extremely ghetto market not far away, and well see how that goes.

Putting gas in my car pretty much bankrupted me today, so until I get my check from MWS (thats late, but through no fault of their own, because the USPS is nothing but annoying), Im going to be squeeking by, I think. A damn shame, because Im so good at living like Im rich. Whatever, Im good at living like Im poor, too. Case in point, this apartment and my sandy air mattress. I mean, Im sleeping on an air mattress, for gods sake. Its out of control.

Broke or not, I may go catch a flick tonight to end the weekend on an up note, and then go to bed early, as I want to rise and be refreshed in plenty of time to get my bearings before I have to make a 10am “be at work” time. Sound like fun? Now, Im pretty much like everyone else. Poorer, maybe, but still, its sunday and I have to go to work tomorrow. Thats pretty exciting.