I got the DVD tester job that I went in for on Tuesday. Its weird, because you think that itd be good, me having some income and all, but theres actually very little thats good about it, at least from an “I havent started yet” perspective. The job doesnt pay enough to cover my expenses every month (which, Ill admit, are high), so Ill still need to use credit, and I was hoping that a job that I sold out for would at least allow me to pay down my credit card debt some. So Im working full time as of Monday, and will no longer linger in boredom and uselessness, but Ill also have to live knowing that my working isnt going to keep me afloat, which is totally weak.

Whatever, better than nothing, anyway, and something to get me out of the house and not spending money. Thats a good idea. Maybe this place has direct deposit. Thatd be a perk. Direct deposit is something that I always want but can never have because my jobs are too short. Come monday, Im going to go in, learn the trade, give it a shot and see what I see. Maybe itll be great. Maybe Ill have internet access at work and the ability to do some of my own thing, too, making it all worthwhile.