So I’m trying to get a producer’s assistant gig – Ive gotten a call and called back, now i just wait until the return call is completed to schedule an interview. Then I have to nail the interview. Lets hope. I’d be good for this job. It’s all I’m going to say until I know some more.

Next. I think I have to buy a cheap printer, esp. if i’m going go continue to write. I started rewrites today (good), but I wont be able to print the crap that I type, so I’ll either rely on Kieran or Kinkos, both of which have their troubling aspects. A cheap ass laser printer is about $100 on Pricewatch, so I think I might have to manage that, even though I already have one. That’ll be a Craigslist resale once I get the rest of my crap. Lame.

I met Kathryn Hahn the other day. She was so sweet. She even gave me her number so we could hang out. Good stuff. Now all I have to do is figure out what platonic things I can invite her to do. Any suggestions are appreciated – comment below.

Okay, I’m off to hang out with Kieran in awhile – some monday night thing is happening and we want to be a part of it. Well see how it goes.