This week has flown by. Man. Wednesdays mystery interview was good. I am actually entirely qualified for the position, and its something I can see myself doing for awhile. Its not as good as some other things that Ive seen out there (one, in particular, that Id really like to reach, but wont talk about in a superstitous fear that it wont happen if I do), but its a job and it pays decently and I think I can manage it.

In other news, I filled in for Brad last night (1/9 of my committment) and it was pretty cool, although extremely boring for me to just stand for 4 hours + 2 hours. I say it that way cause I work from 10 to 2ish, but then there was an afterparty. A pretty good number of people showed up, including Neve Campbell, for this promoters afterhours birthday celebration. Also, Martin Blanks best friend was there, although Im too lazy to look up his name on IMDB, and a couple of actors I should have recognized, but didnt cause Im dumb.

This morning, when I came to Sbux (as I always seem to), guess who was here, but the inimitable miss Campbell? So 2x in like 7 hours with that one. She sort of flashed me a smile when I smiled at her, but Im sure she didnt recognize me this morning, cause mine was just another insignificant hand to shake last night. Whatever, it was interesting. Im totally going from the guy that never sees movie stars to the guy who sees them everywhere.

Now Im off to apply for jobs (as always) and send a couple of thanks sorts of e-mails. Its about that time. This weekend, of course, I have no plans, but I will likely go down to the beach again, and maybe get to play VBall. Otherwise, its revise my screenplay and write more please hire me letters.