Ive decided that it bothers me when people justify being mildly interested in things because of their heritage. Like when someone says they wanted to see a movie that features the Irish because their heritage is 1/8th Irish. Theres nothing Irish about you, pal–youre as American as we come. Stop justifying things with some tenuous connection to your ethnic background and start embracing your choices as made here and now, not by your heritage.

Theyre going to hire a girl for the producers assistant thing. Thats the current intel. I havent gotten a call for tomorrows interview since last night when it was tenatively scheduled for tomorrow, but Im beginning to think I wont get one at all. So its back to square one. Weak. I do have another interview tomorrow, though, this time at a talent agency. 5pm.

Im interested in movies because Im 1/256th Greek, and it was the Greeks that first implied that images could move, based on the right circumstances. So, yeah, I want to make movies. Shut up.