• Interview at ICM was fine, although a bit anti-climactic, since I dont think theyre going to hire an uppity, opinionated jerk whos not going to put on a tie every day to go to a $425/wk job. Well see. Ill go to any follow-ups and be myself (albeit maybe a tie-wearing version of myself) and see what I see.
  • I took Cathy back to the desert yesterday afternoon – its quite a long run. Drew would again be jealous, though, because we took a more northern, scenic route, and had a pretty good time doing it. The roads were great (including mandatory headlight zones and the place where it just disappeared from beneath us) and the sun was HOT. The temps topped 100F out there some places, and the insensity of the rays made me cringe. Why the hell I think Drew would be jealous of that is the subject of another post and another time–suffice it to say that hes always pushing to drive off onto some road less travelled and just see what happens. Joshua Tree National Park at 10pm was exactly that, and yesterday was approximately that.
  • I saw Connie & Carla with Cathy and her lobster last night (for free on the base), and the only thing that kept me from going crazy at how dumb it was were the facts that Cathy was enjoying it and that it was free. It may have been worse than Day After Tomorrow. Possible? Yes. Likely? Nope, but Connie & Carla tried hard enough to be worse. Wow.

    Ive applied to more jobs today (4), and I have a mystery interview scheduled for 2:45 today, only I dont know where or with whom. That should be interesting. I see myself going in to talk to someone about a job thats classifed in the subject line (my only way of keeping track of the myriad of resumes that Im sending out) as “Executive Asst/Prod. Coordinator”, only I have no idea what that will actually entail. Fun times.

    Script editing today, room organization, and, if the interview happens, but doesnt take too long, car washing. Sound like fun? I think so.