Hey there. So Im sitting here using my new crossover cable to move things from old computer to new computer (this is it for Netlux, I think) and Ive implemented a few new things on the site. First of all, check out the kickass little icon by your bookmark and in the address bar of your browser. Yeah, its about time. So thats new.

Also, take a look at the Links section, where Id love it if youd submit your favorites for the rest of us to check out. This comes from Drews question on what stuff were reading over in the Forums. It was posted early in their return, so didnt garner any responses, but I know people like Scott (hint, hint) have their favorite haunts on the web that the rest of us might benefit from. Itll be an interesting way to see what stuff were looking at as a community.

I got out last night to see Brad and Kieran at Brads place of interim business, The Dime. It was good to see the boys last night – reminded me of old times that we could manage again if we wanted to. Its reassuring to see your friends doing well at what youre trying to accomplish. It makes it seem that much more in range, you know? Now all I gotta do is get my ass in gear and get a resume and cover letter out to a temp agency and try to find a place that I can afford AND that I would like to live in.