This is where I sleep. I plan to take more pictures of the hostel sometime in the near future, but I have this fun digital camera and haven’t posted a picture of my life in a few days. That’s unacceptable, as I want everyone to be able to imagine the way I’m living. So one picture is better than none.

Job leads and apartment leads are panning out slowly, but I feel like I’m doing something, and as long as I’m pushing, there’s bound to be a reaction soon. I keep saying that it’s like pushing a really heavy cart. It’s hard to overcome the momentum of stillness, but once it gets going, it should be easier to keep it going. I’m about to go buy another newspaper and look for apartment leads there, too. I just won’t pay a broker’s fee (as I can’t afford it, unfortunately, on an apartment that’s going to be like $900/month). And I’m a bit of a space whore, so I’m looking only for places that have potential for me and my stupid amounts of crap. The depressing thing is that none of it is with me–it’s all yet to come. I realized last night that I didn’t even bring an air mattress or anything – if I get a place with wood floors, it’s going to be an uncomfortable few nights until i figure a few things out.