So things are moving along, albeit slowly, towards some sort of resolution. Ive gotten the number of a temp agency that might be able to place me somewhere in the world and Ive been looking at places to live that seem reasonable. I might well have to look outside my desired sphere to get a place I can afford, but thats okay, Bay Ridge was outside my optimal range, too, and I did okay there.

I spent the afternoon down in Santa Monica yesterday, sitting in the sun reading and trying to buy a lapop case worthy of the task of holding both my machines. I finally succeeded, getting a Targus bag that seems to do the job. I caught TROY at a 4:30 show (matinee only $8–yeesh) and enjoyed it, but it wasnt as good as gladiator, certainly. The fight scenes made up for the fact that it didnt really have a central character, and that made it all okay.

I bet Ill get my first mail today, which would be awesome. Its going to be all bills, but at least that way I wont ruin my wonderful credit, I guess. I think people start their credit histories too damn early these days. Its nearly impossible to keep track of us as we move around… shit, maybe Im the only person who is transient for any length of time that also has to worry about credit. I mean, the people that Im staying with in the hostel are at least as functionally homeless as I am, only they really do have nothing to go on. Hmm. Whatever. More about the people Ive met in another update.