While I wish I could spend all my time at the beach, since its damn perfect weather again (if its always like this, how long will it take me to get used to it, do you think?), Im focusing on getting my bearings on how much it costs to live in LA, and what it will take to get me a place that has as much space as I need at a price I can afford. I think it might involve living in Arizona and commuting.

While Im on the subject of how long itll take me to get used to things here, how long will it take me to get used to the parade of hot women that march in and out of here all day long? The image is very different here than in New York (which certainly has its share of hot women) because people appear less obsessed with wearing the latest color of black and more apt to make massive (and ridiculous) fashion blunders that are just fun, damn it, and, hey, at least they tried.

Enough of this. I have a Post Office box now, so ask me for the address if you want to send me cookies in the mail. I like cookies. I saw LAWS OF ATTRACTION yesterday, which turned out to be a cute yarn unique only for the fact that the guy (Brosnan) is the one whos not denying the potential of the relationship. I like that he was unwavering in his feelings for Julianne Moore. This morning, I got an LA Times and looked into what they publish in the paper as apartments for rent. It looks like I can get a 2br place for like $1500 (which is like $400 more than I was paying for a similar setup in Brooklyn 4 years ago), but at that price, youve got 2 bathrooms, closets and parking, none of which were amenities when I moved to Brooklyn. Well see what happens, though, cause Id still kind of like to get my own place, so Ill definitely look at 1BR places as well.

Its time for lunch for me, so Ill head down to the cheesesteak place on the way to the bank. Yay for walking around towns, too. And, man, if I live in the city somewhere, my bike will become invaluable. Thatd be sweet.