Hey, you asked for it.
The polls have spoken, and, while I don’t always put much stock in voting (as some of you may know), corporate interests aren’t being served here–your vote does count. I think the next poll will have to focus on more specifically what SORT of nudity were looking for as a group, sort of to narrow the playing field a little bit, as “nudity” as a category seems a little too vague to me. Any suggestions that you may have will be welcomed and taken into consideration.
I’m off tomorrow morning (this morning, I guess, in a little less than six hours) towards the West, the great wide open, land of where the sun sets over the ocean and the rains never come. At least that’s what they tell me. Ill just be happy with a job and a place to stay. TV shows get picked up for next season in the next couple of weeks, so there’s some kind of mad hiring rush, supposedly, so Id like to get in on that if I can.
Anyone who knows anyone looking to hire a producers assistant (or a directors assistant or something), mention my name – I promise not to make you look too bad.
Drew has been more than hospitable, making my stay here a lot of fun. Hes discouraged me from doing a lot of things that some of you might classify as borderline retarded (Ive heard the phrase bandied about behind my back – don’t try to deny it) and encouraged me to do things that are even dumber still (trying to pop wheelies in the parking lot? like I EVER would have come up with THAT one on my own. That was all Drew and Jonah. Aaron managed to put up with me constantly on his couch, and Elizabeth put up with my monopolizing of Andrew’s time for the last 10 days. It doesn’t feel that long to me, but I can imagine that to these poor souls, its felt like forever.

Now, I must be off. Its time to sleep so I can perform herculean feats of driving tomorrow. For the record, I miss my friends back east already. A driving force behind getting my own place is so that you can all come and visit me. LA even has nice weather, or so they say.