Somehow, Andrew hasnt kicked me out of his place yet. Thats the great news of this post. Everything else is sort of secondary to that, so I wanted to get it out front early. Additionally, I plan now to leave on Tuesday morning very early, so now that Ive written it down, I can really focus on that as a goal, as something to reach for. I think Ive told my mom that Im leaving about 4 different times now, and Im always worng about my ability (or desire) to get on the road again and to do the final leg of this tour. Its a long way across the desert. Bleh.

On a related note, its Mothers Day, and, bad sons that we are, neither Drew nor I were at home this year. That may be a first, actually. Its a shame, but Im glad we could spend it together, cause family is important. Emily made it home, though, so thats good.

The weekend went by fast – Aaron got a huge TV the day I got my new laptop (from which this is the first update, actually), and it was funn setting up and calibrating that thing thursday. We went out Friday night and met some soon-to-be graduates who were throwing airplanes and stayed up very late. Saturday was a bar with a few people and going home early, and tonight was dinner and a movie served together at this place called the Alamo Draft House. Thats “draft” like in battle, mind you.

Tomorrow, I pack up, wash my car, buy a laptop bag for my new computer, add programs to it, book a hostel for LA, pay my bills online, and generally clean up, in addition to whatever else has to happen tomorrow during the day. Man. Im in some sad shape as far as organization goes, too. Time to get my ass in gear again. Its like taking a deep breath before a long swim underwater. Weird.