And because Im constantly infuriated by the crooks and common thugs at the RIAA, Im pointing out the news today: the RIAA “forgot” to pay $50 million in royalties to the artists its claiming to protect. Here is the Google News link to the story, followed by the Slashdot comments page with a link to the NY State Attorney Generals Office press release which states (among other things), “…while royalty disputes are common in the entertainment industry, this particular problem did not involve disagreement over the terms of the recording contract or the amount of the royalty payment. Instead, it was a matter of the record companies not maintaining accurate contact information to mail royalty payments.”

I just wanted to mention this so that everyone makes note of it when next youre in the CD section of Best Buy or considering which songs are worth a buck on iTunes. Remember, the artist on the album isnt who youre supporting with your hard-earned cash, because even the paltry 1% royalty they might be owed will sometimes be misplaced and go unpaid.