Im off to hit the pool (gotta take advantage while I can, you know?) and then to shower before dinner. In the meanwhile, you should vote in the current poll and elaborate beneath it. At the moment, nudity is winning by quite a margin, so Im trying to figure out what I can do to satisfy your primal voting instincts. Any suggestions would be welcome. And, for the record, you cant vote for variety and then not comment – variety in what? Varied nudity, perhaps?

Theres a little delay in the whole laptop-buying plan, due to a credit snafu in which I was approved for less credit than I needed to purchase the laptop, never mind the Treo, too. What a pain in the ass. So I did some soul searching and decided that the thing to do would be to buy it now and make it pay for itself by doing some computer work when I get to LA and have nothing fun and exciting to distract me. Good plan? I thought so.