After a very rainy and move-in-centric Saturday, The weather cleared, as did our responsibility list, and we could get up on some lake north of Houston with friends of Drews. Elizabeths folks have a fast little boat and we got to waterski and ride around on what amounts to an “extreme-sports” inner tube. It was quite a lot of fun. I got a little bit sunburned and a lot sore in the forearm area, but it was all worthwhile. Ill just get me some moisturizer and a forearm-replacement surgery and be good as new in no time.

Today is all about catching up on things that I need to do and deciding whether I really need to buy a new laptop (because this poor thing is really in worse shape than I remembered). I should also stay out of the sun if its at all possible, because my poor forehead really got hit hard yesterday. Enough for now, more later.